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Terms and Conditions

  1. Definitions:
  1. Organizer or Kanaba Fest – Magdalena Buczak running a sole proprietorship under the name of Kanaba Fair Magdalena Buczak, ul. Ożarowska 77/17, 01-444 Warsaw, NIP: 5222828788, REGON: 368423362;
  2. Organizer’s representative – persons appointed by the Organizer during the Kanaba Fest Fair, who are authorized to take all organizational activities, keep order during the Fair and who are contact persons;
  3. kanabafest.com / kanabafest.pl / kanabafair.com – the Organizer’s website;
  4. Application form – an online form available at http://bit.ly/KFwawformENG;
  5. A fair, trade show or Kanaba Fest – an event taking place on the terms specified in the Regulations and on a date and place determined by the Organizer;
  6. Regulations – this document which is also the general terms of the contract;
  7. Price list – a document specifying the value of the services offered by the Organizer during the Fair;
  8. Agreement – an agreement concluded between Kanaba Fest and the exhibitor/sponsor at the time of placing the order in the application form;
  9. Exhibitor’s guide – a document sent to exhibitors before the Fair with information about the event (assembly, disassembly, duration of the event, additional attractions);
  10. Facility – the place where the Fair is held, ie: Centrum Praskie Koneser Plac Konesera, 03-736 Warsaw;
  11. Participant – a person who participates in the Fair
  12. Stand – a separate space intended for presenting the range and activities of the Exhibitor during the Fair;
  1. The Exhibitor of the Fair is an entity with legal capacity that will complete the application form, receive confirmation of the stand reservation, and make the payment for the exhibition space.
  2. Exhibiting products inconsistent with the subject of the Fair or which may pose a safety risk to visitors requires the prior consent of the Organizer and the Exhibitor must ensure appropriate security following applicable law. The exhibitor is obliged to restore the occupied space to its original condition.
  3. Placing advertisements and information boards outside the stand requires the Organizer’s consent and payment of appropriate fees.
  4. It is unacceptable for the Exhibitor to occupy any space outside the ordered and marked-out Stand during the Fair. In the event of failure to comply with this provision, the Exhibitor is obliged to remove any elements protruding beyond the designated Stand and pay the amount for the additionally occupied space indicated in the Price List.
  5. Only one brand reported in the Application Form may exhibit at one Stand (4 m2). In the case of displaying more brands, the exhibitor is obliged to report this fact to the Organizer. In the absence of relevant information, the Organizer is entitled to exclude the Exhibitor from the Fair or charge a fee for an additional brand, by the Price List.
  6. By submitting the Application Form, the Exhibitor consents to the Organizer’s use of the logo, photos, and the company’s image for the purposes related to the organization of the Fair and the promotion of brands after the event.
  7. The Exhibitor may submit a demand for stand equipment using the Application Form. In such a case, the organizer mediates in renting furniture from an external company and is not a party to any disputes that may arise in this respect.
  8. Payment for the Stand is made based on the issued VAT invoice to the account indicated therein, in two payments: the first is payable in the form of an advance payment of 20% of the amount when booking the Stand, and the second installment of 80% of the amount 30 days before the Fair.
  9. The Exhibitor has the right to resign from participation in the Fair, provided that the Organizer is notified 30 days before their commencement. The Organizer will then refund the payment for the Stand within 14 days. The date of cancellation of participation is the date when the letter is sent to the Organizer by post or by e-mail.
  10. Withdrawal by the Exhibitor of his application for participation in the Fair within a period shorter than specified in point 10 does not release from the obligation to pay all fees, including the title of renting furniture, referred to in point 9.
  11. Failure to make the payment within the time limits referred to in point 10 means the Exhibitor’s resignation from participation in the Fair.
  12. In the event of changes to the submitted Application Form, no later than 14 days before the start of the Fair, any additional fees should be paid by the date specified in the VAT invoice.
  13. In the event of making changes to the submitted Application Form later than 14 days before the start of the Fair, any additional amount of fees should be paid at the time of placing the order.
  14. The material responsibility for the safety of the Stand and its content lies with the Exhibitor. The Organizer is not responsible for theft or damage to the Exhibitor’s property resulting from a willful fault.
  15. Exhibitors take care of the stand’s decor, assembly, disassembly, and all at their expense, as well as transport, promotional materials, tables, chairs, staff working at the Stand, as well as cleaning and securing the stands and restoring the area on which the Stand was displayed to its original condition.
  16. In the Exhibitor’s Guide, the Organizer determines the Exhibitor’s access time to the exhibition space to prepare the stand and exposition. The assembly of the stand may not take place during the opening hours of the Fair for other Participants, in particular clients/guests.
  17. The exhibitor is obliged to ensure the availability of the stand and the presence of staff working at the stand during the duration of the event. In the event of delay in the assembly of the stand or lack of staff, the Organizer has the right to exclude the Exhibitor from the Fair without the obligation to refund the paid fee.
  18. In the event of destruction or damage to the Object/Venue caused by the willful or unintentional fault of the Exhibitor, or persons accompanying him or his employees/associates, the Exhibitor is obliged to cover all repair costs.
  19. The Organizer shall not be liable for damages resulting from the use of the Stand, including damages caused by the Exhibitor to other Fair Participants and buyers. In the event of third-party claims, the Exhibitor undertakes to cover the Organizer’s losses related to it, including to replace the Organizer in the event of making claims against the Organizer.
  20. The Exhibitor may not block communication routes and emergency exits, place lighting and other thermal devices directly on the floor and near flammable materials, independently connect electricity and lead cables through communication routes. The blocking or covering elements will be dismantled at the Exhibitor’s expense. Electricity connections can only be made by a person authorized by the Organizer.
  21. The disassembly of the stand may not start before the end of the event indicated in the Exhibitor’s Guide. The Organizer reserves the right to prevent such Exhibitor from participating in the next event and to impose additional fees on the Exhibitor following the Price List.
  22. The Exhibitor undertakes to provide the staff working at the food stand with the necessary authorizations regarding, inter alia, the current sanitary and epidemiological book, and to provide the necessary equipment related to the requirements in connection with the epidemic or epidemic threat in the Republic of Poland.
  23. The Exhibitor is responsible for ensuring the cash register during the Fair.
  24. All responsibility for the content of any materials, designs, products displayed and sold by the Exhibitor rests with the Exhibitor. Exhibitor is obliged to sell and have an assortment that is legally admitted to trading in Poland and has all the necessary permits and certificates as well as the necessary tests. During the event, it is forbidden to conduct commercial activities, including promotional and informational, regarding psychoactive substances, changing awareness, the so-called „smart drugs”, products which cause or may cause an effect similar to psychoactive or intoxicating substances, colloquially known as „legal highs” (including collectibles with a similar effect), even if these products are marked that they are not intended for consumption.
  25. The noise level at the stand may not affect the free and comfortable use of other stands. The Exhibitor is obliged to comply with any reminders of the Organizer’s Representative in this regard.
  26. The Exhibitor is obliged to clean and arrange the occupied Stand and its near area. In the event of failure to perform the above-mentioned works, the Organizer will commission them at the Exhibitor’s cost.
  27. Causing mechanical or chemical damage to the floor in the Venue, paving stones, facade, gate, roller shutter, door, a wall will result in charging costs of repair increased by 100%. In the event of non-compliance with the health and safety rules, fire protection. or other rules set out in the Regulations, the Organizer’s Representative may order the work to be stopped until the irregularities are removed or the order fee indicated in the Price List to be charged and to enforce the work by the rules.
  28. The elements of the stand construction and equipment left without the written consent of the Organizer, not removed during the disassembly, are considered as abandoned property, which becomes the property of the Organizer without compensation.
  29. Exhibitors performing the development are responsible for damage caused to third parties, including persons and entities they use to perform the order.
  30. The Exhibitor declares that in the event of obtaining personal data at the Stand and conducting prize draws, he has the appropriate consent for this purpose and has submitted applications to the relevant authorities.
  31. The Organizer has the right to allocate Stands without taking into account any suggestions or requests of the Exhibitor.
  32. The Organizer may refuse the Exhibitor to participate in Kanaba Fest also after the payment is made by him for reasons. In this case, the Organizer will refund the Exhibitor the amount paid for participation in the Fair. This amount is not refundable if the Exhibitor is excluded as a result of his breach of these Regulations, good manners, or the principles of fair competition and commercial practices. The provisions of this point also apply in the cases referred to in points 13 and 14 of the Regulations.
  33. The organizer undertakes to actively promote the Fair in the media, take care of PR, as well as to keep informed about Kanaba Fest on social media and in other information channels available to him.
  34. To reach a wide audience, Exhibitors are kindly asked to provide information about Kanaba Fest on their Facebook profiles and make at least two entries on these profiles about their participation in the event before the start of the Kanaba Fest.
  35. The Exhibitor confirms that he/she has acknowledged that none of the Organizer’s declarations and actions are a guarantee of material and non-material benefits that may result from the Exhibitor’s participation in the event. The Organizer is not responsible for the economic success of the Exhibitors in connection with their participation in the Fair.
  36. The organizer has the right to make photo and film documentation during the Fair and to use these materials for marketing purposes.
  37. During the Fair, the Organizer will organize workshops or lectures to which he may invite any chosen Exhibitors. Exhibitors’ participation in these workshops and lectures is free of charge. In the event of random situations, the Organizer has the right to change or cancel the scheduled workshops or lectures with the participation of Exhibitors, and Exhibitors are not entitled to any claims in this respect, in particular for damages.
  38. During the Fair, Exhibitors are obliged to comply with the health and safety rules, the Regulations of the Facility, and the current guidelines, ordinances, and legal acts in connection with the epidemic or epidemic threat in the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  39. The Organizer reserves the right to change the place or the date of the Fair in the event of circumstances beyond their control, in particular in connection with restrictions related to the epidemic in the Republic of Poland, after informing the Exhibitor about this fact. In this case, the 20% advance payment for the rental of the stand is not refundable but is an advance for the next edition of the Fair.
  40. The Organizer shall not be liable, in particular for damages, in the event of the Fair being canceled for reasons beyond the control of the Organizer, in particular, due to limitations related to the epidemic in the territory of the Republic of Poland. In the event of the event being canceled by the Organizer, the Stand rental fee is refundable.
  41. Stands should be built of non-flammable or fire-proof materials. Appropriate approvals, certificates, and attestations confirming the above must be available for inspection at the Stand. In the absence of approvals, certificates, and attestations, the Exhibitor is obliged to submit an appropriate statement in this regard.
  42. Use extreme caution when using flammable or explosive mixtures of liquids as cleaning agents.
  43. Fire-fighting devices, hydrants, fire extinguishers, emergency exits, pedestrian routes, electric boards may not be blocked or covered.
  44. Bringing inflammable, toxic, explosive substances and technical gases should be notified to the Organizer’s Representative each time, who has the right to prohibit their bringing (bringing) into the premises of the Facility.
  45. Exhibitors are required to read and comply with the detailed fire safety regulations posted in the Facility.
  46. It is forbidden to use open fire in the halls and outdoor exhibition stands on the premises of the Facility.
  47. Exhibitors are obliged to respect the instructions of the Organizer’s Representative and fire protection guidelines in the scope of compliance with these Regulations.
  48. In the event of a fire on the premises of the Facility, the State Fire Service, tel. 998, 112, and the Organizer’s Representative must be notified immediately. Until the arrival of the State Fire Service, it is necessary to submit to the Organizer’s Representative, and after the arrival of the Fire Brigade, to the commander of the rescue and firefighting operation.
  49. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code and other relevant provisions of Polish law shall apply.
  50. Any additional and individual agreements between the Exhibitor and the Organizer must be made in writing.